Other amazing Exotic Bullies in the USA

New and exteme Exotic Bullies are born every day. What makes them stand out among the bully community is their uniqueness and extraordinary looks. One the greatest exotic bullies to recently hit the market of avaialble studs is The Bully Camp Line’s Karate Kid, which happens to be the son of The Bully Camp Line’s Mr. Miagi. These two share an obvious relation in being a father son duo as well as their very unique look and features. The head alone on this exotic stud is enough to turn heads and be impressed over. This exotic bully is 50% The Bully Camp Line and 50% Razors Edge. The Bully Camp Line's Karate Kid - Exotic BullyMany would consider this the “best of both worlds” in that the new school look of american bullies comes together and combines with the old school blood of american bullies to create this awesome and extreme looking exotic bully. This type of Bully Style pitbull changes the game drastically. As demand for a bullies and more extreme American Bully becomes greater the breed evolves into a very unique style of dog which makes it that much harder to produce and therefore harder to aquire. This style of American Bully can be quite expensive, easily starting at $5,000 per pup and going up from there. The exotic bully will also produce more of a consistenly extreme litter as its features are more exagerated. Bred to the right quality female with similar exotic features one can expect a litter full of highly desireable puppies as many should carry with them those desireable exotic traits that give more value to these pups. For more information on Exotic Bullies and Extreme American Bullies visit: www.floridabluepitbulls.com

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Welcome to Exotic World of The American Bully and The Exotic Bully!

The American Bully and The Exotic Bully

The American Bully in itself is a faily new breed – barely 25 years in the making and steming off from the bullier type American Pitbull Terriers and American Staffordshires. The American Bully has a bullier, shorter, more compact, denser body than your average Blue pitbull.

The Exotic Bully however is a relatively new term for the somewhat “overdone” type of American Bullies. These American Bullies tend to favor more of the “Bull” side of the Pit Bull. They often have exagerated features such wider than normal chests and bodies, shorter muzzles, at times very muscular, more defined stops, bigger heads and have more mass than your ordinary American Bullies. American Bully Gottyline Dax, Daxline

A very well know American Bully that many might call also an Exotic Bully because in the eyes of many he may fall under the “Exotic Bullies” categotry, is GR CH Gottilyne’s Dax. Daxline is a new American Bully Bloodline that has been rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Many would argue that Dax was the pioneer into the introduction of the Exotic Bullies that we know of today. Dax stems from very well known and recognized strands of Gottiline Blood and Mikeland Bloods. His sire is West Coast Gottyline’s Romeo and his dam is Gottyline’s Barbe which is a direct daughter of one of the Mikeland Kennels greats, Mikeland’s Nitro – a son of Mikeland’s Kracker Jack.

If there was one dog that people could autonmatically associate with the term “Exotic Bully” it would hands down have to be the very controvercial “TheBullyCampLine’s Mr. Miagi“. Mr. Miagi was produced by The Bully Camp Line Kennel in California and is arguably the single most controvercial  Exotic Bully  in the American Bully World. TheBullyCampLine's Mr. Miagi - Exotic BullyHis controversy originates mostrly from his outright Exotic looks and feautures. This dog has become an international phenomenom and is extremely desireable by many American Bully fanciers all over the world. The Bully Camp Line’s Mr. Miagi was sired by Kingpinline’s Marcello and The Bully Camp Line’s La Madrina (RIP). The foundation blood behind these dogs has also been contraversial in past years due to their very exotic look that stems from the legenday Calikingpin’s Goliath II or better known as simply “G2”. Mr. Miagi’s look is sure to become a hit in the bully community and seems to be picking up steam despite all the contraversy involving this “bigger than life” Exotic Bully.

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